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RPi case

The RPi should at the end stay in the main cabinet with all the wires and the PLC.  I have built a DIN-type case.  It is not an ideal project but allows to bring some order to the whole thing.

At the end it all is very simple.  I bought a Z108 Kradex case, used a sharp knife, some files, the GPIO replicator described in an earlier article ...and some patience:

RPi case RPi case 5  RPi case 6  RPi case 7  RPi case 8 

I used some wall plugs to mount the RPi to the case.  It is not perfect... one should use plastic pins and a decent glue...  

After the RPi and the replicator got mounted and the needed wholes were cut out, the whole thing looks as follows (on the left):

RPi case2 RPi case 3 RPi case 4