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Photos and system description - lukaszdebiec


AUTHOR: lukaszdebiec

Main project assumptions:

  • ON-OFF controll of the light with  brightness setting
  • control of blinds and enterance gate
  • heating controll and temeprature reading from a 1-wire network
  • integration with the alarm system

The system is based on a Wago 750-880 PLC controller. The controll of blinds and lights (on/off) is done through 16 digital outputs and relays 788-312. Brightness regulation is done with DMX SPL-3C modules and a 750-652 WAGO module. The temperature reading is done by ADA 401 WP module and Modbus RTU through 750-653/003-000. The junction cabinet was bought from Eaton.

You can find more details at the forum:



Wires, sockets:

27 34 23 54 55

Junciton cabinets, wiring, modules:

24 15 20 21