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Making Visualizations Available via WWW

Each visualization created in CoDeSys can be made available through an internet browser.  The following steps are necessary:


  1. Right-click on the visualization object, choose “Object Properties” and make sure that the checkbox near the Web-Visualization is set.
  2. In the Menu Resources, choose Target Settings, there ‘Visualization’ and click the checkbox ‘Web visualization’.  Additionally being there you can configure:
    • Size of the visualization (Display width, Display height),
    • Compression of the files uploaded to the webserver
    • Enforcement of uploading the visualization files (Inhibit….)

Parametryzacja wizualizacjiParametryzacja wizualizacji

When the above-presented steps are done you can upload the program to the PLC (‘Project’, ‘Clean all’, ‘Project’, ‘Build’, ‘Online’, ‘Login’, ‘Upload All’.

Enter in your browser the address of your PLC :  http://:/webvisu.htm" and you should see your PLC_VISU.

Although it is quite easy to build a visualization with PLC and make it available over the web, I have totally resigned from that functionality.  Larger visualization composed of many control buttons were working very slow.  I do not know if that was the fault of my old PC, lack of memory or a feature of the visualizations.  After a few attempts of clicking and long lags I gave up.

Additionally a web visu launches a Java applet what is impossible to do in mobile phone browsers I have tested.

Finally I launch large and complex visualizations with CoDeSys HMI and the controlling via a mobile phone is done with the use of SSI scripts (more in the articles to follow).