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Visualizations - big and beautiful

One of the visitors has sent me a screenshot of his visualization.  It was fully based on bitmaps imported to CoDeSys as visualization background.  It was by far superior to all that I had done so far.

At the end of 2010 after playing a little with a bitmap editor I rebuild all main visualizations.  The effects are to be found below (WARNING – large sizes of screenshots):

Wizualizacja Wizualizacja Wizualizacja

The visualizations are adjusted to my computer screen’s resolution.  Obviously the space could be used better, probably you can see an amateur hand, but well – it is what it is.  The most important success is that seeing the visualizations as they are my wife decided to try to use them ;)

Technically – the idea is not complicated.  First in a graphic editor you need to create a background composed of elements that will not change as the program runs.  To set a background in CoDeSys right-click on your visualization.

In the 2nd step you need to draw dynamic elements – standard rectangles and circles.  All as in the usual visualization but with a much greater effect.  If a more detailed explanation is needed, please let me know.