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Windows Gadgets

A quick look at the documentation of Windows Gadgets show that they are Fuldy based on html and javascript.  Moreover the code of almost every downloaded gadget can be studied and analyzed.  It is enough to be stubborn and patient to understand how it all works.  Finally the SSC scripts can easily be converted into an independent ‘application’.

After a few weeks of testing I managed to build a gadget, which stays on the desktop and which allows to control the main functions of my home.  The layout for sure needs improvement – I concentrated on making it work.

Below you can see the screenshots.  The background is taken from the RSSfeeds gadget, the weather icons from Weather.Gadget, the rest of the icons comes from http://icons.mysitemyway.com:

Ekran GłównyTemperatury
Widok z kameryOgród

On the main screen at the very top you can see the external temperature, the status of the rain sensor and the temperature of the three main rooms.  One line below are buttons controlling light scenes (for example: SC1 – it is evening, SC2 – we are watching a movie, SC3 – turn it all off).  Finally you can see an array of buttons controlling the chosen lighting circuits.

The screen of temperatures presents the temperatures in the different rooms.

The next screen shows the current picture from the IP cam (a jpg refreshed every second)

The last screen allows to control the sprinklers in the garden.