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Summary - System Description

The system installed in my house allows to control 106 binary outputs (DO), process the information from 90 binary inputs (DI) and 8 analog inputs (AI, PT1000).

The core of the system is the programmable WAGO Plc controller no. 750-841, which has a built-in Ethernet interface and a real-time clock.  750-841 can work with up to 250 extension modules, has 512Kb of memory for storing programs and 256Kb for retaining data.  The programming is done with the use of CoDeSys, which in turn is able to compile the following languages: IL, ST, SFC, FBD and LD.

My digital inputs are handled by 8-time modules 750-430.  The analog inputs are place at 4-time module no. 750-460/000-003 reading the data from PT1000 temperature sensors.  Digital outputs are handled by 8-time modules 750-530.


Summarizing, my system is composed of:

  • Two 24VDC units: 787-612 and 787-602.  The first powers the external devices and sensors, the second powers the PLC only.
  • 750-841 PLC controller
  • One module 750-400 and 750-501 received within the starter-kit,
  • 11 input modules 750-430,
  • 12 output modules 750-530,
  • 2 analog input module 750-460-003,
  • 1  RS232 communication moudle 750-650

I do not plan any further extension (It's funny to read it after 3 years and 200 exctensions).  I still miss an additional analog input module but due to the price, I must wait for better times.

All who are interested should take a look at the www.wago.pl, where in the Service, Technical Documentation, WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 where the list of all  available modules and PLCs is to be found.  Additionally at the same page one can find the description of the starter kits, which allow to begin the fun with home automation.