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Chosing my PLC

As I was looking for the PLC I was getting ready to pay a price above initial expectations.  The programmable controller itself, in-, out-modules, network module, real-time-clock moduleā€¦  The building work was almost finished and it was time to think about the finishing work.  A lurking expense of a few thousand Euro was taking my breath away.

The PLC of WAGO turned out the be the solution.  I called the number found at www.wago.pl and was directed to an PLC-advisor.  After presenting him a short summary of my needs, the number of ins and outs, Mr. Pawel Frankowski proposed an optimal configuration.  Moreover, he came to the building site one Saturday to make sure that what he chose would fit.

WAGO offered me a starting kit composed of an Ethernet controller 750-841 with a built-in network communication and RTC clock), AC/DC 24V converter, 1 in and 1 out modules, the ending module, programming cable and the CoDeSys software.  The price at that time was c.a. EUR 400. When compared to all the options I had found before it seemed to be unrealistically attractive.

Now, when the system functions perfectly, I can say that WAGO was a good choice.  The quality of service and available functions are simply great.  I am not an employee of the company and I have not received any special rebate.  I was simply positively surprised, what does not come often when man is building a house.

Finally, as an addition to the starting kit, I bought 8 8x in modules, 8 8x out modules, 1 4x analog in module reading data from PT1000 temperature sensors, an additional 24V power unit and 60 relays.  Having it all, I started to do the wiring in the central cabinet.

(At www.wago.pl in Service, Technical Documentation one can find detailed information about all the system elements mentioned above)


Wago Zestaw 2

Source: www.wago.pl