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Central Junction Cabinet

Arranging over 200 wires is most probably a challenge even for an experienced electrician.  I was filled with fear.  I did in fact connect a few circuits to the starting kit just to see if I am able to light a bulb in the kitchen.  It still was a long way to the target setting…

I started the work from removing the external insulation from the wires.  Consequently I had to mark all of them again not to lose the information what they lead to.  Thanks to the help of the electrician the removal of insulation and connecting the basic fuses took us 12 hours.

The next stage, which somehow still continues, was connecting the PLC with the wall-mounted switches (IN-s) and relays (OUT-s).  I initially decided to place the ground-wires and null wires on in the first row.  The 2nd was earmarked for the power units and the PLC.  The 3rd row was for connecting the Ethernet cables.  Rows 4 and 5 were left for the relays, 6 and 7 for the main switch and the fuses. 

When over 30 Ethernet wires were connected it was clear that it will be impossible to keep them in order.  From each of the cable I used only 3 wires, one as a ‘+’ and the remaining 2 to the 2 buttons of the wall switch.  The remaining wires were taped waiting for a future use.  Taking into consideration that there were over 60 wires any future modification would require dismantling everything to reach any of the unused lines.

Finally I decided to arrange the wires with a use of an old patch panel.  Every wire received a RS45 plug and got plugged into the numbered ports.  From the other side of the panel I used the already patched cables (it was an unit dismantled from an old factory).  Now, if a change in the connection is needed, I am able to quickly find the port number and  the wire in question.

Szafa Sterująca