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Chosing the central junction

I had no idea how the central junction should look like and how big it should be to fit all the wires, PLC etc.  I made no project.  I bought a 80cm wide, standing, metal cabinet hoping that at the end I will be able to staff all that is needed inside…

(Update 02.01.2013)

WenWoj, our forum member, placed the following message: "One additional advice - get a cabinet, which is as big as possible. I've listened to my wife (what do you need such a big thing for?) - and already have two medium ones and must assemble a LSA BOX".  Personally I know that there is always a need to squeeze-in something additional, to improve, extend.  I therefore propose to choose a cabinet with sufficient reserve of space.

I hope that one day all my wires are plugged to the WAGO series 2003 plugs.  On the WAGO web page one can find the PROSERVE app, which allows making precise projects of the future central cabinet.  Here is a small example:

ScreenHunter 05

One of the forum readers also informed me that WAGO offers a full wiring of the cabinet, switches and puuchased components. I have not tried that myselsf so if you are interested contact WAGO directly.

At the end I can only repeat: plan, plan, plan.  Make everything slightly bigger than you currently need and do not save a penny.  The time passes by, the appetite grows and every shortcut and a cheap element is hard to look at.