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Extending 1-wire ver. 2.0

I have installed a new version of the 1-wire extension board and it is functioning quite well.  I decided to improve it slightly and add a few resistors.  It is smaller and fits into a 2-module DIN case.  Here are the boards:

1-wire v2 main 1-wire v2 supplement 

The left board is the main one.  It has the DS2482 chip and distributes 3 1-wire channels.  The rest is left for a further use via a pin plug.   The right board is and extention, which can be mounted on the 2nd level of the case.  All that it does is distributing the remaining 5 channels of the 1-wire network.

Here are the ready boards:

1-wire v2 main done  1-wire v2 case  1-wire v2 main mounted


1-wire v2 supplement done  1-wire v2 supplement done2  1-wire v2 supplement done3 

The davice can easily function as the one-main board.  3 channels is quite enough for the majority of uses.  If the need arises to use more - the 2nd extension board can be connected with ease.

The pdf files with PCB printouts are below:

1. The main board with DS2482

2. The extension board