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Android App - the source code

The Android app published in 2012 served the sole purpose of showing how easy it is to communicate with a WAGO PLC.  The 'program' is coded in html; it is a normal web page one can open in a web browser.  jQuery makes the code short, my jquery.e-dom plugin takes care for the communication, the graphical layout is controlled by jQuery mobile and the whole is packed up and made available to Android users by phonegap.

At the very bottom of this page you can find a package with files you can open in a web browser (in Chrome with --disable-web-security parameter).  Some comments to the attached files:

  1. The jqeury.e-dom plugin is updated as i code so it might differ from the one published on other pages of this site.
  2. The file configuration.xml includes the standard settings imported at first program launch.
  3. the file index.html is the whole 'program'.

As you will see the function responsible for talking to the PLC is quite small and takes some 140 lines of code.  The majority of the program is related to handling the 'configuration' menu, where the user can set up the fields and addresses.  If you were to write a program from the scratch for your needs, all would have been much easier as the configuration could be done once within the basic code.

If you want to convert the page into an app, please visit www.phonegap.com and follow the instructions of converting html files into running applications.

In case of questions - please post them on the Forum.


The link with the html files - Edom-App.zip

The package with the whole Eclipse project