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What would I do better?

If I was to start the planning all over I would surely pay closer attention to the following items:

  1. Bathroom is a special room.  In the existing installation I miss at least two 2x4 wires to mount additional occupancy sensors in the different parts of the room.  I would like, for example, to turn the ventilation on if the visitor stays a given time in the vicinity of the toilet bowl.  I could also make an use of an additional temperature and humidity sensosr.   Conclusion – it is better to analyze all the potential needs before placing the cables. Later is too late.
  2. There is never enough sockets.  I knew it while planning but I forgot about an additional one in the lobby.  Each time I have to drag the extension cord to drill a hole near the main entrance I think of myself bad things.  Also one additional socket could help to put lights on the Christmas tree without leaving the cables on the floor.  Rule for the future – sockets in each room school allow reaching every place with a drill, which has a 3-meter cable.
  3. During house building I delayed some decisions – partially due to insufficient knowledge but mainly due to time constrains.  It turned out that in the final phase I had to struggle with little imperfections: wires a bit too short, wrong arrangement of the electric fuses… In the future I for sure would spend a lot of time on planning EVERYTHING in detail. Remaking/altering things is simply terrible.